Jeffrey Court Blog

There is nothing better than community. Coming together over a shared passion is what we’re all about, and today we are happy to share our new living room with you.

With a fresh reno of our own, our showroom is the perfect place to let those creative minds run wild. Whether it’s inspiration you need, meeting with clients in a creative space or just like perusing through our collections, we welcome you to our showroom and maybe even a nickel tour of our facility!

Every Jeffrey Court Chapter is easily accessible and displayed for all your designing needs. You can view large format boards or simple samples, whatever your preference is.

Our large meeting area allows for a great space for planning your next design project. With a long table workspace we offer plenty of room for all your creativity to spread its wings. You can even have a Jeffrey Court product specialist help with some inspiration and details.

So come on by and enjoy some time in our living room to help inspire your next project.

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