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Keeping up with trends can be as hard as keeping up with the Kardashians. However, it can also create helpful talking points as you design with clients. You may have heard of a small magazine called Vogue -- Okay, Vogue is not that small. They are only one of the biggest trend setting publications on Earth. No big deal. You may know Vogue as a leader in fashion and beauty, but, did you know Vogue has a strong influence on homes and interior design?

Speaking of interior design, did you know that modern farmhouse living is on the rise, especially for millennials and new homeowners? Modern farmhouse creates an atmosphere that takes you back to a simpler time where warmth, character and charm are the focal points in the room.

In the featured kitchen, the elements layered have come together to create an elegant farmhouse style kitchen. The palette of dark textures with layers of lighter accents create an appealing and warm space. The jewel shaped eyelet of organic Dolomite surrounded by the Nero Marquina stone compliments the 8x12 natural stone field tile backsplash. Both the Baton Rouge Mosaic floor tile and the field tile hail from our latest Chapter - Rotunda.

You can give Rotunda a look here to share with your clients as they dream up their modern farmhouse kitchens and bathrooms. The clean and crisp color palette of the stones in this chapter are a natural beauty for your eyes to behold.

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