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Ikat is a textile that is being used on everything from interior design to fashion design. (Check out this article from Elle Décor to see examples). Because of it’s versatility in pattern and color, it’s highly adaptable to personal design preferences. In this article we’ll explore the Glisten Piano Keys from Chapter one to see a unique way to achieve an ikat-inspired kitchen design.

The following design by Candice Olsen served as our inspiration:

[Inspiration image: Design by Candice Olsen; Photo by Brandon Barré. Found on]

So lets take a look at our chosen material from Chapter 1 and the litney of accessories we chose to build our own version of Candice's wonderful design

By turning this mosaic on its side, you can mimic an ikat type of look that will transcend the changes of time and still be stylish years from now.

Pictured: Chapter 1 "Glisten Mosaic" Bathroom. Design: courtesy of Barbara Schmidt Photography: Tim Nehotte

So, how does this look when it’s translated into a kitchen design? We compiled this rendering to give you an idea of what this could look like.

The backsplash is the statement piece of the room. It’s paired with a light colored granite countertop, and the paint is light beige to warm the room. An ikat drum-style pendant lamp pulls the black, white and brown tones together. Several different styles of chairs match the ikat’s beachy, bohemian style and make the room versatile and fun. The cabinets are Shaker style, and a mix of white and brown to keep the variations on the ikat fabric flowing throw the room by use of color.

Ikat was historically made for royalty. The Glisten Piano Keys backsplash has the elegance and timeless colors suitable for bringing the look of royalty into your home in a fun way. By carefully choosing the furniture and accessories in the room, you can achieve a look that is elegant, yet casual at the same time.

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