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The Richmond Main Street Station, a historical national landmark in Richmond, Virginia is rumored to be haunted by past travelers, boasting stories and interesting happenings for decades, but now it’s home to more than tracks with a storied history.

Originally built in 1901 by Wilson, Harris and Richards it quickly became known as The Clock Tower, by locals, the station has grown over the last 15 years to now include high-end shopping and dinning.

Thanks to the help and collaboration of Jeffrey Court Sales Representative, Patrice Riches and Showroom Specialist David Weiner from Triton Stone; the 2nd Renaissance Revival Style station underwent a modern makeover with AMTRAK at the helm.

Working with the station architect Weiner was able to champion the project forward with tile selections at Triton Stone.

“The architect and designers knew they wanted to use Jeffrey Court tile but didn’t know where to start in finding the perfect match for the station,” said Weiner. “Trying to upgrade the historical station while keeping the integrity was an important factor.” And teaming up with Jeffrey Court’s Patrice Riches was the perfect place to start. She has an uncanny design style and love for the rich history of the North East.

The designing duo knew the perfect fit right off the bat and made their recommendations to get the green light fairly quickly on a timeless product that only seemed fitting for the “haunted” station with our Spiritual Stone in Midnight Marble Mosaic.

The Main Street Station now features the Spiritual Stone in the main lobby of the station, lounge areas, bathrooms and elevators.

With a fresh look that truly captures the time of the era the station was originally built in, the space is ready for travelers of all kinds. As Partice so perfectly stated it: “How poetic is it that these spirits are now surrounded by our beautiful Spiritual Stone in Midnight Marble Mosaic.”

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