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Eager to transform their spaces and modernize them with unique tile installations that are completely outside the norm or upgrading classics to make them edgier, are consumers top requests in design and architecture.

With several key trends gaining prominence in the design and tile worlds and more and more options to select from to create these looks, it is important to always keep in mind cohesion among the options selected to maintain the design integrity, which can be a challenge when mixing products. Jeffrey Court’s recently released Cubist collection integrates these key trends into one collection for smoother tile selections that bring high design while maintaining consistency.

Inspired by the avant-garde movement from the early 20th century known as Cubism, Cubist features strong geometric shapes and contrasting design patterns in trending colorways.

Throughout the collection you’ll find the reinvention of classic shapes and patterns, Thassos, Bardiglio, and Nero Marquina marbles combined together and with metals in unique mosaics, and shades that allow you to bring vivid color into any space. The unique mosaic patterns in the collection break up traditional entities and reassemble them in abstract ways, creating one-of-a-kind installations.

Dive a little deeper into the highlights of what Cubist offers, meeting the design trends fueling client inspiration.

Reinventing Classics

A new take on traditional patterns is transforming spaces. Herringbone and basket weave patterns can be slightly altered to give them a new edge. Breaking up larger pieces and elongating shapes within the patterns makes them brand new. The Mod Herringbone and Perpendicular Mosaics exemplify this trend well.

Mixing Materials

Combining multiple materials into a mosaic by adding stone or metal accents creates unique two-dimensional patterns. These 2-D patterns are able to simulate the increasingly popular 3-D looks as can be seen with our Carve and Avant Mosaics. With the benefit of being able to be installed on both floors and walls and minimizing upkeep for easy cleaning and maintenance the design options are limitless.

Bring Color Into the Mix

Pantone’s announcement of Classic Blue as the 2020 color of the year is bringing the blues. Blues of all shades and sizes are making a mark in the tile world. Glass tiles showcasing unique variations with different shades of blue make a statement in any kitchen or bath. The Cobalt glass offerings are perfect for creating a unique blue monochromatic look.

If you’re not ready to take on the trend at full speed, the blue tones in the Bardiglio marble allow you bring it into a space in a more subtle softer design.

For an edgier, more dramatic look use multi-tone tiles with high variation to bring depth and movement into a space. An array of tones in our Clay products are a great match for diverse styles. Play with hardware, cabinets, window covering colors to bring out the hue that best fits your client’s style and polish off the look.

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