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Chapter one

Suite Glass

Create a welcoming and graceful space with this glass tile collection.

Chapter two

Vintage Studio ®

An ode to subway tile and classic colors and patterns.

Chapter three

Stream Stone

Natural stone tiles with clean, simple lines for functionality and beauty.

Chapter four


A reimagining of Spanish Revival handpainted terracotta tiles.

Chapter five

Modern Mixer

The perfect mix of classic and modern.

Chapter six

Reef Glass ®

Create a coastal feel with sea glass textured field tiles and mosaics.

Chapter seven

Cubist ®

Geometric shapes and high-contrast designs inspired by Cubism.

Chapter eight

Europa Arte ®

European ceramic and porcelain tiles emulate artistic mediums.

Chapter nine

Arroyo ®

Inspired by nature, travertine and ceramic tiles create dynamic surfaces.

Chapter ten

Eternal by Jeffrey Court

Seven mini collections pay homage to Jeffrey Court's storied history.

Chapter eleven

Align ®

Clean lines and geometric shapes in monochromatic colors set against natural stone backdrops.

Chapter twelve

Ashland & Halsted ®

Stone, glass, porcelain, and ceramic create an Industrial chic look.

Chapter fourteen

The Press ®

Inspired by newsrooms from the early 20th century, these mosaics create classic repeating patterns frequently found in the architecture and design of the time.

Chapter fifteen

Classic Statuario ®

Centered around the timeless elegance of statuario marble tiles.

Chapter sixteen

Park Place ®

Inspired by Art Deco architecture and design trends of New York in the Roaring 20s.

Chapter seventeen


Hand-made artisanal ceramic tiles featuring a beautiful crackle glaze.

Chapter eighteen

Rotunda ®

Paying homage to national monuments throughout the United States with unique timeless pieces.

Chapter nineteen

European Countryside

This collection transports you to a place of calm and tranquility, where the stresses of the modern world fade away. The neutral color palette reflects the natural tones of the countryside.



Decorative designer tiles for the commercial hospitality markets offering a variety of design and material options.

Pool by Jeffrey Court

Pool by Jeffrey Court

Make a splash with Pool by Jeffrey Court!


Reservoir ®

Porcelain 3D wall tiles perfectly suited for a range of applications.

Specialty Brick

Specialty Brick

Recreate brick-look designs with the convenience of porcelain.

Essentials By Jeffrey Court

Essentials By Jeffrey Court

The fundamentals for creating traditional to contemporary designs.