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Chapter one

Suite Glass

Create a welcoming and graceful space with this glass tile collection.

Chapter two

Vintage Studio ®

An ode to subway tile and classic colors and patterns.

Chapter three

Stream Stone

Natural stone tiles with clean, simple lines for functionality and beauty.

Chapter four


A reimagining of Spanish Revival handpainted terracotta tiles.

Chapter five

Modern Mixer

The perfect mix of classic and modern.

Chapter six

Reef Glass ®

Create a coastal feel with sea glass textured field tiles and mosaics.

Chapter seven

Cubist ®

Geometric shapes and high-contrast designs inspired by Cubism.

Chapter eight

Europa Arte ®

European ceramic and porcelain tiles emulate artistic mediums.

Chapter nine

Arroyo ®

Inspired by nature, travertine and ceramic tiles create dynamic surfaces.

Chapter ten

Eternal by Jeffrey Court

Seven mini collections pay homage to Jeffrey Court's storied history.

Chapter eleven

Align ®

Clean lines and geometric shapes in monochromatic colors set against natural stone backdrops.

Chapter twelve

Ashland & Halsted ®

Stone, glass, porcelain, and ceramic create an Industrial chic look.

Chapter fourteen

The Press ®

Inspired by the printing press, small hexagons create classic repeating patterns.

Chapter fifteen

Classic Statuario ®

Centered around the timeless elegance of statuario marble tiles.

Chapter sixteen

Park Place ®

Inspired by Art Deco architecture and design trends of New York in the Roaring 20s.

Chapter seventeen


Hand-made artisanal ceramic tiles featuring a beautiful crackle glaze.

Chapter eighteen

Rotunda ®

Paying homage to national monuments throughout the United States with unique timeless pieces.



Spec-09 offers decorative designer tiles to the commercial hospitality markets giving architects, interior designers, and builders a variety of design and material options. Spec-09 consists of fashion-forward designs using superior quality material fit for high traffic spaces. Materials such as natural stone, glass, and porcelain provide a high-end look and feel while fitting a variety of styles. We are committed to delivering extraordinary service with fully stocked products, ready to ship.

Pool by Jeffrey Court

Pool by Jeffrey Court

Make a splash with Pool by Jeffrey Court!


Reservoir ®

Porcelain 3D wall tiles perfectly suited for a range of applications.

Specialty Brick

Specialty Brick

Recreate brick-look designs with the convenience of porcelain.

Essentials By Jeffrey Court

Essentials By Jeffrey Court

The fundamentals for creating traditional to contemporary designs.