Jeffrey Court University

Jeffrey Court University's installment of the "Align" collection is an overview of the basic design elements that comprise Chapter 11. Join our host, Mike and Ally, as they walk you through the Align collection.


The word “Align” captures the essence of Chapter 11 perfectly. Definitions for the word “Align” include “to be placed in a line” with another being “to bring components into desirable coordination.” Jeffrey Court’s design objective with Chapter 11 – Align was to bring clean lines and shapes to the collection. Offered in Chapter 11 are three beautiful natural stones: Two Portuguese limestones named “Pale” & “Shadow,” as well as one grey Turkish marble named “Suede.” All Chapter 11 stone finishes are honed to a smooth satin surface which compliment the simple design elements.

Chapter 11 – Align features eight distinctive mosaic patterns assembled in a clean, minimalist style. Three patterns come in monochromatic colors while the remaining five patterns are offered in beautiful, multicolored blends. One of the most stunning features of Chapter 11 are its Drawn Stone elements. Boasting a total of four patterns, Drawn Stone utilizes the latest imaging and patented UV curing process to lock images on our Chapter 11 “Pale” limestone, making them true pieces of art. The four field tiles sizes are offered in linear 3” x 10” and 6” x 18” bar tiles as well as a classic eight-inch hexagon and a 6” x 7-15/16” diamond. As with all of our collections, Chapter 11 – Align has all of the necessary decorative tiles, mouldings, and domes to make any installation a resounding success. Visit to view our Jeffrey Court University installment on Chapter 11 – Align for a deeper walkthrough of this collection amongst many others available through Jeffrey Court.

Chapter 11 – Align is intended for interior wall and floor use including kitchen & bath walls, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, or any other interior wall space where typical wall tiles are used in conjunction with light traffic floors. Please see the Chapter 11 application chart for Jeffrey Court’s recommended applications. Always consult your tile installer and local building codes for your specific project.

13 Montage Boards, 17 Touch Boards, and 16 sample cards display the full breadth of the product line. All these point-of-purchase materials are augmented by the 12-page Chapter 11 – Align catalog. Showroom installation and loose sample pieces can also be ordered at a discounted price.

Chapter 11 – Align reflects the shade variations associated with natural stone. As such, natural stones require a few extra installation procedures that are standard in the industry. We recommend that you lay out the tiles to create the desired blend of natural hues inherent in natural stone. It is recommended that a high-quality white thinset be used. A Grey thin set can “bleed through” and alter the color of many natural stones. It is imperative that a high-quality “natural look” penetrating sealer be used prior to grouting and followed with another application after grouting to prevent staining. An ongoing maintenance program is essential for all natural stone installations. Please see enclosed Drawn Stones Care & Maintenance Instructions for complete product details, procedures, and precautions. See the Jeffrey Court website at to gain inspiration on the design possibilities offered with Chapter 11 – Align. You will see traditional designs and modern twists – even a few ideas on blending in decorative tiles to create something totally new. The possibilities are infinite with Chapter 11 – Align.