Jeffrey Court University

Arroyo is inspired by a passion for the outdoors. From colors to patterns and textures, it symbolizes the natural elements typically found in Mother Nature. Thinking of the mystic rippling of wind-blown dunes, to the smooth surfaces left from the trails of erosion, the textures found in each piece of tile found in Chapter 9 evoke a feeling of being one with nature.

We are excited about the large-format ceramic field tiles in completely new sizes to Jeffrey Court. There are four different fields ranging from 8” x 24” to 12” x 35”. Each features a unique pattern and subtle three-dimensional texture. Great for accent walls in both residential and commercial spaces.

Also available are three different mosaic patterns in travertine stone - a chevron, a parquet and what we call the Terrain Mosaic. This pattern is made up of asymmetrical pieces that together emulate the look of a desert landscape. Additionally, you will find a 6” x 12” field tile with an accompanying 0.75” x 12” Dome. All of the travertine tiles are available in beige and taupe.


This collection features four large format ceramic tiles, three travertine mosaic patterns, and a travertine dome.

Yes. A 0.75" x 12" travertine dome is available in beige and taupe. This complements the travertine mosaics.

The Dunes, Oasis, and Plateau field tiles feature a 3D texture. The Mirage field tile has a smooth texture.

The travertine field tiles may be used on floors and walls. We do not recommend for any ceramic tiles to be used on floors.