Modern Mixer05

Chapter five

Modern Mixer

Jeffrey Court University

Whether hosting a large party or simply relaxing with just friends and family, our new Chapter 5 sets the perfect scene for your Modern Mixer. The collection was curated with the heyday essence of midcentury modern design in mind.

Mid-century design stripped away the unnecessary and focuses on keeping things practical and true to materiality. This retro style embraces the notion that form follows function — highlighting the materials used rather than making them something they are not, which is also true for the items in this collection.

The Terrazzo elements showcase bits of colorful marble fragments, embedded in minimalistic patterns for a sophisticated charm. Terrazzo dates back to 15th century Italy, when Venetian workers would use remnants from upscale jobs to create inexpensive flooring for their own homes and patios. Introduced in America during the late 1700’s, terrazzo was instantly well received. Many monuments and historic structures incorporated it in their design. The Terrazzo installation methods quickly evolved, making it faster and more durable than many of the other flooring options. It is thought to be the world’s first original sustainable flooring.

In addition to the mirroring of interior and exterior concepts through material choice and color pallet, the mosaic patterns also resonate mid-century design features such as straight lines and angular details. Mid-century modern signature look is found in its low-profile structure with sleek, uncluttered lines in both geometric and organic forms.

The collection also incorporates three metallic transition pieces, which harken back to the metallic finishes that were extremely prominent during the style’s prime.


The inspiration behind this collection comes from the timeless yet stylish mid-century modern aesthetic found in architecture common to Palm Springs. It is defined by simplicity, functionality, and boldness.

There are matching terrazzo dome pieces and transitional metal liners in brass, copper, and silver. The terrazzo dome pieces can finish off the tile installment or can be used as a transitional piece. The metal transitional trim pieces add an accent to the tile installment.

All field tiles can be used indoors and outdoor. This collection is our first introduction to pavers that can be used in both spaces for a seamless transition. Additionally, mosaics that are full terrazzo can also be used indoors and outdoors.