Chapter three

Stream Stone


Jeffrey Court University

Jeffrey Court University's installment of the "Stream Stone" collection is an overview of the basic design elements that comprise Chapter 3. Join our hosts, Mike & Ally, as they walk you through the Stream Stone collection.


Known for its neutral color palette and understated contemporary flair, Chapter 3 Stream Stone has been a staple of the Jeffrey Court Chapter Series since 2010. The revamped Chapter 3 continues its inspiration drawn from contemporary Scandinavian style, and introduces subtle textures to the line. Perfectly combining neutral taupe and grey limestones with black and white marbles, Stream Stone creates both an inviting space and modern atmosphere.

The field tiles are offered in 3 distinct sizes – 6” x 18” bar tile, 4” x 12” bar tile and a traditional 3” x 6” subway. The 6” x 18” and 4” x 18” field tiles are available in both honed and brushed finishes (with the exception of Transitional Taupe), whereas the 3” x 6” subway is available in a honed finish with a unique micro-beveled edge. Each size and style of field tile was carefully chosen to accentuate both modern taste and enhance the look of its complementary mosaic elements. With a total of 7 available mosaics patterns spanning 22 color and shape combinations, Chapter 3 Stream Stone maintains design continuity using its available natural stone palette comprised of two limestone’s and two marble selections. Complementary moulding elements and listellos are available to add remarkable detail to your installation. Most exciting of all, are the nine newest mosaic additions to the Chapter 3 offering. A versatile 1” hexagon is offered in solids of all three field colors and a delicately textured color blend. Alongside the introduction of the 1” Hex, is a stunning bush-hammered stick pattern, affectionately named “Lustrous,” which has three color-blend arrangements. Additionally, the “Platinum” mosaic color palette has been expanded to incorporate blends with “Transitional Taupe” and “West End White.”

5 Montage Boards and 23 Touch Boards display the full breadth of the product line. We also created an all-new “Designer Board” which displays all the shapes and colors available in two portable boards. All these point-of-purchase materials are augmented by the 12-page Chapter 3 Stream Stone catalog. (Current AMP customers will receive only the newest merchandise: Montage Boards # 129 & 130, nine Touch Boards, Designer Boards, and Catalogs.) Showroom installation and loose sample pieces can also be ordered at a discounted price.

Natural stones require a few extra installation procedures that are standard in the industry. We recommend that you lay out the tiles to create the desired blend of natural hues inherent in natural stone. It is recommended that a high-quality white thin set be used. A Grey thin set can “bleed through” and alter the color of many natural stones. It is imperative that a high-quality “natural look” penetrating sealer be used prior to grouting and followed with another application after grouting to prevent staining. An ongoing maintenance program is essential for all natural stone and crushed glass installations.

Please see the application chart on the back for an item-by-item listing of recommended product usage.