Chapter one

Suite Glass

Jeffrey Court University

Jeffrey Courty University's installment of the "Suite Glass" collection is an overview of the basic design elements that comprice Chapter One. Join our host, Mike, as he walks you through the Suite Glass Collection.


A concercerted effort was made to make Chapter 1 a unique, ground breaking glass tile and mosaic program, and we pulled out all the stops when it came to product design. Years of development, trial and error have delivered a glass collection whose main focus is artisan craftsmanship.

As Each and every mosaic begins life as molten glass hand poured and pressed into one of four distinctive shapes: 5/8” Hex, 3/4” Penny Round, “Droplet,” and a “Beveled Elongated Hex.” Color and finishing techniques are then applied to give each color-way (Diamond, Champagne, Hazel, and Silhouette) it’s own unique personality and bespoke flair. In addition to the new handcrafted glass mosaics, we wanted to provide product options for those who prefer a modern design schema. Therefore, we kept our most popular glass mosaics, and gloss field tiles from the previous release of Suite Glass, which give great balance to the line. In total, Chapter 1 Suite Glass now boasts a healthy lineup of over 20 mosaics, created by six mosaic shapes in 11 unparalleled color offerings. This of course is augmented by eight 3” x 6” field tiles in complementary colors, with corresponding pencil liners for use as transition and finishing pieces.

Chapter 1 Suite Glass is primarily designed for interior wall use. Kitchen & bath walls, backsplashes, feature walls, or any other interior wall space were typical wall tiles are used. Field & mosaics tiles are NOT recommended for floors. Please reference application chart on back for specific usage recommendations. The glass used in Chapter 1 Elongated Hex, Hex, Penny Rounds, and Lantern shapes pass ANSI 137.2 “Thermal Shock Resistance of Glass Tile”. These patterns will be stocked with a mesh back. If required for a pool or spa installation, please inquire with your sales rep or customer service rep to obtain a quote and lead-time for mylar faced material.

In the past, Chapter 1 has been a ground breaking collection when it came to merchandising, having debuted our now renowned Touch Board system. This version of Chapter 1 is keeping that precedent alive. In this release we are debuting a Sample Card system that showcases the complete breadth of the line in 31 compact cards in two stackable bins. Designers are sure to love working with them! In addition to the new “Sample Cards,” Suite Glass is showcased on six all new Montage Boards and 22 Touch Boards. Showroom installation and loose sample pieces can also be ordered at a discounted price.

Chapter 1 Suite Glass mosaics are designed to have minor shade and color variation. The variances in surface and edge texture are natural characteristics of this glass. The handcrafted effects of shallow cracks, indents, and edge chipping are intentional and once installed add to the unique beauty of Chapter 1 Suite Glass. We strongly recommend laying out and blending the tiles prior to installation. This step will ensure a proper color blend in order to achieve a classic look for your installation. Glass is vitreous meaning there is virtually no absorption with this product. With this characteristic in mind, we recommend the following installation system.

Setting Material: White polymer modified thin set mortars meeting ANSI 118.4 or 118.11 are recommended for Chapter 1 Suite Glass mosaics. Organic Adhesives (Mastics) are not recommended due to low bond strengths. Epoxy adhesives are not recommended due to low flexibility. Always check with setting material manufacturer to ensure suitability of mortars in setting glass tiles.

Cutting Tiles: A professional grade wet saw outfitted with a high quality diamond blade designed for cutting glass tiles Always cut tiles with the face up. Sanding of cut edges is recommended to “ease” sharp edge.

See the Jeffrey Court website at to gain inspiration on the design possibilities offered with Chapter 1 Suite Glass.