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Marking the 30th Anniversary, Jeffrey Court Releases Special Edition Collection

Norco, CA, June 04, 2021 — Jeffrey Court Inc. the industry leader in decorative tile and stone, announced today the release of Chapter 10, Eternal by Jeffrey Court™ featuring seven mini collections with over 50 new offerings.

“It is a historic day in Jeffrey Court’s storied history, with the release of our anniversary collection, Eternal by Jeffrey Court. Throughout the last 30 years we have remained focused on bringing cutting-edge products made with passion and innovative design to your spaces. We believe this collection elevates that goal to mark this milestone as we look to the decades ahead.”

– Scott Hassman, Jeffrey Court President

Eternal’s featured mini collections, Fete, Garden Party, Matinee, Debutante, Derby, Masquerade Ball, and Black Tie, focus on seven of the company’s most impactful moments that have played a key role in growth and development.

Each mini collection is themed with a specific colorway and uses a base marble that guides the overall aesthetic of the series. Additionally, the collections feature one-of-a-kind mosaics and stunning field tiles in an array of materials including glass, ceramic, terrazzo, marble and shell.

With design in mind, the items in each collection work seamless together or can be cross merchandised for more unique looks.

“Being one of the few manufactures with an in-house design team, brings our capabilities and product offerings to a higher level, that I believe is reflected in our anniversary collection. The addition of 50 original product designs encompassed in Eternal offers sophistication, elegant colorways, and a timeless look that can be combined for a custom look or stand alone to make a statement. This is by far supersedes market trends and it’s an honor to bring this collection to market with our amazing team.”

– Mike Manke, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Fete is an acknowledgement that not all celebrations have to be a formal affair, and marks Jeffrey Court’s establishment in 1991. The collection is built around a cream colorway and a theme of modernism, the designs found in Fete focus on straight lines and geometries.

Garden Party celebrates Jeffrey Court’s growth and work with international suppliers to bring a variety of designs and materials to market. It is centered around an enchanted green color trend with playful and whimsical designs.

Much like a theatrical or musical performance, Matinee focuses on Jeffrey Court’s dramatic growth multiplying their catalog and expanded focus on design. Matinee features dazzling colors accented by an array of blue shades.

Debutante marks the company’s national debut as they officially expanded to offer products across the entire country. Making use of curves and rounded shapes while employing youthful, modern, and feminine themes throughout the items in this mini collection.

Derby commemorates the founding of Jeffrey Court’s current corporate headquarters in 2005 solidifying their role as a key player in decorative wall tile. Textured brown marbles with leather-like finishes, dramatic brown veining set against white stone and geometric prints, champion the collection.

Honoring the importance of Jeffrey Court’s 25th anniversary in 2016 is Masquerade Ball. White marbles accented with vivid veining in lilac hues are intensified with distinctive geometric designs, taking on a modern classic look.

Bringing everything together is Black Tie, as Jeffrey Court celebrates their 30th anniversary. Centered around high contrast black and white designs, from classic marble with subtle veining to more dramatic stones with unique variation, Black Tie is a true representation of elegance and sophistication.

A collection born to leave its mark; a collection created to be Eternal.

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